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What Are The Most Common Website Design Mistakes Out There That Can Affect A Business

In this present day and time that we live in, wherein technology continues to soar as high as the sky and wherein the advent of the internet brought to many significant changes, it is now much easier for each one of us to design a simple website for our business by using a tool pertained to as WordPress. This is indeed a very tempting proposition and we know that you many small business owner out there, including yourself, will be tempted to follow suit, After all, you will start to think about the point of paying a website designer hundreds or even thousands of dollars just for the sake of creating a website when you can actually do it by yourself. Well, there is nothing wrong in relying on the tools that the internet will provide you however, the difference in the outcome will be based on the expertise, the knowledge and the skills you have in doing so.

One problem that you might encounter using these tools, especially if you are still new to it or you have no relative knowledge about it is that, even if there is a wealth of information online with regards to how these information can give assistance your body shop attain a prominent position in the SERPS, we want you to know that website designs really are not something straightforward as you may think it is. As a matter of fact, there are actually quite a number of downfalls that you need be aware of and almost all of these pitfalls are being linked to having web design practices that are practically poor. Since we want provide assistance to you in saving yourself from becoming a victim of this, we will write down in this article the main mistakes that you have to avoid at all cost.

The first mistake of website design that we have in our list which we want you to avoid is the interstitial pages and when we say interstitial pages, it is a very common mistake, so to speak. One very good reason why you have to refrain yourself from creating interstitial pages is due to the fact that these pages are very annoying. Being a user, of course, you would not want to see an intrusive interstitial page displaying all those ads.

The interstitial page is not the only website design mistake that we want you to know about as there are also other intrusive pages that you should avoid getting in contact with, just like splash pages. If there is one thing that you should know about splash page, that would be the fact that the said page suddenly pops up once the user visits a certain site. It has been said that few of these splash pages contain viruses that may cause harm to your laptop.