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The Impact Of Football FIFA Rankings Who would have thought that an event such as a soccer game can be analyzed and tangible results obtained from it. You can get statistics such as FIFA rankings, team profiles and charts of a soccer game as fluid as it is. it might be argued that the winner of a soccer match is often as a result of luck as the variable factors around the different teams may not in any way determine who goes home smiling. A particular player’s performance can not only be analyzed by his or her numbers therefore those unknowns cannot be discredited. the skeptics are yet to decide whether the win or lose of a particular soccer team entirely depends on the numbers that come into play. soccer fans always want to know how the respective teams in a particular game have faired regarding the number of scores and the time that has been spent. no website of any other game beats the soccer websites in the quality of information they provide and the number of variable factors that they have displayed The websites display game winning goals, game winning assists, goals, assists, shots and shots on goal witnessed in the game and it therefore proves that a game is not only dependent on the numbers but on a number known and unknowns. In this era where data is considered a valuable resource, no one could imagine that an event as unpredictable as soccer could value the need to use numbers to try and come up with statistics that will enable decision making.
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In early 1994 FIFA started adding the number of assists in a particular soccer game but at the moment football is revolutionizing the way it processes statistics right before our eyes. Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are just a handful of the big teams that are investing in data analysis firms to generate for them the data they require. the teams keep the data obtained strictly for their use.
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The teams employ data analysis companies that are in charge of generating the required information. They will watch the live feed of the match and they keep a keen eye to notice and chart any distinctions that they will get from the match. the numbers and chart distinctions that are arrived at by the team of analysis experts are fed into a database where the numbers are calculated to obtain statistics it is not guaranteed that the data obtained will predict the winning capacity of the team but for sure it will provide quality information about the team.